Andrew Salvador

Andrew Salvador

a.k.a. Brone, Cabrón

Age: 39

Home Town: Victoria, BC

Favorite Trick: Fallen Angel

Rider Style: Huge Dives


  • Co-founder of Cabo FlyBoard, April 2013
  • 2014 North American Championship placed 11th in TOP 16
  • 2015 North American Championship placed 12th in TOP 16
  • Named trick ‘Fallen Angel’ (full height back dive)


Andrew Salvador is a professional Flyboarder from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He began Flyboarding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where he partnered with fellow pro-rider Jason Duff to help start one of the world’s first Flyboard rental locations, Cabo FlyBoard.

His flying style incorporates an almost 50/50 balance between flying forward/reverse, as well as many high dives, including his signature “Fallen Angel,” which earned him recognition and much fan-fare for performing the highest dives in the sport. He is a serious competitor, but is very light-hearted and supportive of his fellow athletes. On invitation from pro-rider Mike Prince, Andrew joined Team CanFly in June 2015. Like they say in Mexico, “Esta Cabrón ese wey!”