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  • Geoff Hulet - Prorider
  • Brody Wells - Prorider
  • Adrian Boucher - Prorider
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  • Ashton Beukers - Prorider
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This is Team CanFly! Logo

A band of brothers united by their reckless love for Flyboarding and everything to do with it. Follow your favourite athletes, or learn about hydroflight sports for the first time, – in style. Join them as they train, work and live it up on their journey to the top of competitive hydroflight sports!

Whether they are on the Flyboard, Hoverboard, or Jet-Pack, Team CanFly has mad skills and they’re bringing the action to you! Follow them through their social media and YouTube channels to get the latest on their characteristically action-packed and hilarious adventures. If you love the Flyboard and hydroflight sports… that’s right… this is the place to be…. You found it!